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Anonymous said: How do you interpret Jem's character and Will's? I'm trying write fanfic between them but I don't want the story going bad with flat characterization.


Hey, Anon! It super duper delights me that you’d ask! Now, before we go further, I’d like to remind all parties in the audience that my interpretation is not the only one (no matter how I haughtily claim sometimes) blah blah blah. I have a somewhat overlooked interpretation, but here we go.

I think of Jem and Will as reflecting what the other is inside in a lot of ways. Will comes across as an angered, sarcastic person with a lot of experience and sex appeal. Jem comes across as very pure and very innocent and somewhat forlorn and doomed. Granted ,both boys have elements of their outwardness inside—Jem is kind and good hearted and forlorn a lot, and Will is often moody and witty—But that each other’s traits are the ones that they hold deeper inside.

For example, when Jem is witty, it’s far more cutting than Will’s. Such as “Not really. But then I remember I could kill him in my sleep if I wanted, and then I feel better,” in a humorous comfort to Tessa. He spends a lot of time angry at himself, at illness, at fate, and becomes overcome by this in the scene where he almost destroys his violin. He’s also a very sexual person. Between After The Bridge and the Sexy Bedroom Scene, we know that Jem is a lusty, desiring individual.

Will, on the other hand, is far more innocent, a virgin who has no idea how to take off Tessa’s corset. His humor is rather childlike, being that his most famous funny moment is essentially “LOL STD’S EXIST” summed up. Will also, in my opinion, is more consumed by his own sense of doomed fate than Jem is. Jem accepted his to a point, or at least, lived life in spite of it. Will, however, due to the mere perception of a curse, spent YEARS thinking he was the kiss of death, that he’d have to be alone forever save for Jem, his “Great Sin.” 

So in a way, their outward demeanors reflect a hidden nature in one another, honestly. Because I’m not denying that Will’s more likely to make a saucy flirt of himself, but he’s hardly the sex god fandom thinks, and that Jem is the least likely person in the world to be cruel, but he’s far from the fragile doll many characters presume him to be. “If you have the soul of a warrior, then you are a warrior,” he says himself. And he is. 

And they both have Both these aspects, too, I read. Think of the line from Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins, “The Killer In Me Is The Killer In You.” It fits them quite well, in my read of them.

They’re also excellent, paired together. Will is theatrical and dramatic and overt in his humor, all chiding and shows, while Jem is quiet quips and smirks and eye rolling and silly threats while Will fakes a very large offense, and together they’re the best banterers, the best soul mates ever because they’ve got so much of the other within themselves.

I think there are two things that I urge, urge, urge fanfics not to do when I read them: Will is not the only person who is unny, nor the most carsastic, nor is he a sex god. Also, he can be melodramatic to the point of hurting himself and others. Forgetting that for his more romantic moments is silly, because Will is, to me, mostly a combination of giant dork and destructive little theatre imp. And Jem is not all sad fatalism about his own disease and Good Kind Sparkles, because Jem has plenty of dry, cold wit and pain and anger and desire out the ass, so yeah. So long as you don’t reduce them to only one aspect of themselves, you’re good, and this has been so, so incoherent and I’m sorry, I just kinda meta-ranted about Jem and Will.

If you want me to write about both of them in regards to Tessa, or their own relationship, hit me up, I love ranting about how I read characters, I just wanted to focus more on Jem and Will here, not any relationships or other characters here.

This. Srsly.

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renaroo replied to your post: renaroo replied to your post: renaroo …

BOY HAS NO ABILITY AT INTROSPECTION. He needs someone to smack him and be like “No you feel guilty for THIS reason” and he be like “Oh hey you’re right that makes WAY more sense” — shit why couldn’t THAT have been TimSteph?

That’s the really frustrating thing about him. We like to think that Tim is a self aware character that over analyzes his faults—but he’s not. He’ll obsess over his virtues, own decisions, what HE MIGHT DO. But fuck it, he needs someone (like Steph) to hold his goddamn hand and show him what he’s actually doing wrong

Tim is, for summary, a character constantly afraid of speaking on broken glass when he’s already left a trail behind him that he doesn’t take notice of.

Hmmm. An interesting perspective that feels more true the more I contemplate it.

On this train of thought, Tim may be really good at creating and understanding rationalizations in general. And while this can screw up relationships when it comes to his own actions, it’s also what helps maintain many of his relationships  despite the actions of others. He can rationalize his parents’ neglect, Bruce’s anti-social behavior, and even the motives of some of the less deadly Arkham bunch.

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ink-and-roses said: For the fandom pairing: Teen Wolf?

Okedoke! :D

  • my “FOREVER” pairing
    • Scott/Allison, I guess. It feels the most epic to me.
  • my “sometimes” pairing (if i’m in the mood)
    • Lydia/Jordan Parrish. They get cuter every episode.
  • my ““friends-with-benefits” pairing friends but I kinda ship them
    • idk, Stiles/Baseball Bat
  • my “adele” pairing (“WE COULD HAVE HAD IT AAAAAALL”) 
    • tie between Stiles/Erica and Isaac/Braeden
  • my “hate sex” pairing 
    • Everyone/Peter. I like that everyone hates Peter, that nobody really buys his bs; it’s just continually inconvenient to kill him.
  • my “working on it” pairing
    • Erica/Boyd. It felt left-field to me, but another part of me insists that it makes a lot of sense, so my brain ruminates onward…
  • my favorite tthreesome / poly shiroup of friends 
    • Scott, Allison, and Isaac has some hot chemistry going on, not gonna lie. But as for buddy fuzzies, I actually like the current pack.
  • my platonic “their friendship is too precious to mess it up with romance” ship
    • Scott & Stiles precious bbs
  • my ”I actually want these guys to date not be friends” pairing
    • Momma McCall/Papa Stilinski
  • my “i love it but don’t want it to happen” pairing
    • Derek/Kate. It’s twisted. It fascinates. Obviously, it’s too wrong for me to openly wish for it.
  • my “it started out crack but now it’s serious and i regret everything” pairing
    • Malia/Stiles. I didn’t get my hopes up at first, but now I wave the flag.
  • my endgame pairing
    • Coach/Greenberg
  • my “across time and space they will always find each other” pairing
    • Stiles/Lydia. They feel intrinsically connected, even if it’s  only as friends.
  • my “settling for second choice” pairing
    • Scott/Kira and Allison/Isaac. I like both those pairings, but it always feels to me like things are gonna come full circle to Scott/Allison, even though it can technically never happen.
  • my “I don’t want to like them together but I do” pairing
    • Chris Argent/Manpain
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Hit me up with any of my fandoms and I’ll tell you:

  • my “FOREVER” pairing
  • my “sometimes” pairing (if i’m in the mood)
  • my “friends-with-benefits” pairing friends but I kinda ship them
  • my “adele” pairing (“WE COULD HAVE HAD IT AAAAAALL”)
  • my “hate sex” pairing
  • my…
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Radioactive In The Dark

Ho ho ho damn.

This is awesome.




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My headcanons regarding Jem and technology are actually all over the place. Like there are things Jem knows how to use that most people don’t a know how to use. Like a heart monitor, or a blood pressure gauge. I picture the silent brothers as having a fairly good knowledge of modern medical tech because they do have to treat sighted mundanes and whatnot.

Cars weird him out sometimes. He never knows for sure if a bit of jerkiness is due to bad road or problem with the engine, and he has no clue how to fix anything on a car so it’s not his favorite way to get somewhere.

Stereos. He loves to play with them. He doesn’t always know what he’s doing, but he’s got the interest and patience to figure it out. If you don’t mind violating the neighborhood noise regulations, Jem can master the use of any stereo system in a couple of hours.

He has a similar obsession with headphones. He eventually learns how to fully customize them as a hobby along with playing the qin.

He’s of two minds about electric musical instruments. He hates the scratchy adjustment noises, and he doesn’t like playing them himself. But he can appreciate a band that wields them well.

He had very little trouble with well labeled tech. Things with on/off switches like lights and toasters and vacuum sweepers. Stuff that requires commands are trickier like microwaves or phone apps or digital watches.

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How pissed off would you be if you were a Gotham rogue and heard batman was dead and you weren’t the one to kill him

How pissed off would you be to hear batman is dead only for someone to take his place and you’re just like God damn god fucking damn it cause u kno it’s Robin and u kno he gonna do some flippy shit and kick u in the face

joker’s like “batman died in some crossover i wasnt even fucking invited to”

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I thought I’d give this a try! <3

I’ll probably make a better version later on! 

Awww, yis!

Bestie & roomie: Ruby
Love Interest and Admirier: Ren
Rival: Nora (naturally)
Sibling @ heart: Jaune.

perf rwby jnpr of course i would have also take jaune as a love interest but bro works ren is a hottie ruby is fab and nora as a rival would actually be intense and maybe kinda fun wouldn't be a mean spirited rivalry but there would be food fihting and pranks


I suppose I should feel excited about the possibility of a live-action Titans series…

But instead I’m already dreading the potential shipwar and romance arc drama.







those are some of my fave tropes man and its a superhero drama how are they supposed to stay away? and i may not dig wally/raven as apermanent ship but they actually had a really interesting dynamic kinda felt like a greek tragedy and its something that gets overlooked quite a bit as it stands I think and they'd have a chance to do better by it teen titans dc gidge blog idk Im tired but I like those things a cliche is really only as bad as the way it's written and if written well they're a blast
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There are 2 things bothering me about that dance sequence.

1) What?

Pyrrha says to Jaune, “I didn’t know you could dance.” But then she does a perfectly coordinated dance sequence with him, Ren, and Nora. That is not something you pull out of your back pocket. That would have required JNPR to…

1) I took it to mean that while Pyrrha has practiced line dancing with Jaune, she thought of partner dancing as a separate skill, and was impressed he could do both.

2) We see that jnpr has become a lot more coordinated as a team, and that characters who may have been perceived by others as too cool for dorky dance practice don’t have the same opinion of themselves. Pyrrha and Ren were enjoying themselves just as much as Ren and Nora and knew the moves just as well. Apart from that, “essential” on a cartoon is subjective. If you don’t have little moments like a tiny dance sequence to remind you how much these characters all like each other and are likeable themselves, how is the plot going to feel relevant?

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I have some fic on my hardrive. It involves Jem getting drunk and blowing sh*t up.

But it’s stuck in beta reader purgatory.


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Do you think that all my searches for historically accurate bomb making materials will land me on some NSA or CSIS list?

And after all that I’m going to go with “explosive” instead of listing what it is because information on what you might build a bomb out of in the 1880s is surprisingly hard to find and it really doesn’t matter to the story. 

While not for bombs specifically, I too have researched a bit for 1870s’ explosive materials. Gasoline powered engine was invented in 1859. So Gasoline was a thing. So the molotov cocktail would be a possible weapon, so long as it was not *called* a molotov cocktail (a reference of the 1930’s.) But that’s confining oneself to scientifically available western hemisphere stuff. Don’t forget that the world of shadowhunters and downworlders is a little more internationally connected than the mundane one. And bombs have been a thing in China since the 11th century.

Your simplest bomb would just be a container, gunpowder, perhaps some random sharp stuff for added shrapnel, and a fuse.

Aaaaand… because I was on a  roll, I ended up looking more stuff up. If you’re going with tech closer to the era, seems the Ketchum Grenade would be the way to go if your character is trying to make something of a commercial grade.

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