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so freaking happy this show is back!!! sao sword art online anime










I did not realize this. This is good.

No one is more excited than I am that a woman finally got a credit for a Marvel movie, but she has a degree in film and dramatic writing. She’s on a committee to encourage writers to learn real science for scifi, but she’s not actually a rocket scientist.

Ooh, updated info! Thanks!

Adding to this, if anyone’s interested: at SDCC last weekend, one of the panels I went to was a “Women in Sci-Fi” panel that included a host of women writers in TV/film/comics, including Jane Espenson and Nicole Perlman, the woman who wrote GOTG. She talked about how she got the project in the first place, which was really interesting to me, and I think the info would be interesting to people who are wondering about the process of how Marvel came across GOTG in the first place.

Basically, at some point a few years ago, Marvel brought her and a bunch of other writers in and handed them ideas for a bunch of properties (both well known and not well known) that they were considering making films for. She picked GOTG because it had those elements of sci-fi and science, which is what she loved and knew, as opposed to other well known entities (and no, she didn’t specify what they were.) Anyway, everyone picked their project and squirreled themselves away for about two years working on them, and then Marvel went through the scripts and picked the one they thought was the best to develop it further. And it was hers.

I’m super, super excited for this film, and even moreso after hearing her speak on this panel, which was really inspiring in a lot of ways. While there are people will probably still be upset we’re getting a film about space misfits over a BW film or something, it’s worth it to remember that this film was actually chosen BECAUSE Perlman was an awesome female writer who managed to catch everyone’s eye and wrote a really, really good script.

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more interested in watching it now marvel mcu also that is a REALLY cool way to pick ur next project and kind of explains why Antman for that matter


"can i come in?"

"i don’t know, can you?”

cursing quietly, the vampire backed away, foiled yet again by the english teacher’s pedantry

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After nearly a decade of unresolved tension between neighboring kingdoms, The Princess of Belengloth is tasked with reestablishing peace between the kingdoms, by hosting her own peace summit. Her good intentions are short lived however as instead of discussing treaties and peace, the other…

Oooh, this sounds awesome! Does anyone have a link to a devblog or lemasoft thread for it?

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@ commandercatbug’s request: model!Tim & Cassie

@ commandercatbug’s request: model!Tim & Cassie

tim drake cassie sandsmark wonderbird tim x Cassie robin wonder girl young justice fanart gidge blog I am clearly not a fashion designer but clearly too lazy to go look up some real fashion ah well hope to post a color version later

commandercatbug said: All I need in my life from you (if you have time and interest) is a picture of Tim and Cassie as fashion models doing a photoshoot together for an AU I'm writing. Or someone needs to draw this if not you. But this has to be a thing.

It shall be a thing. Specifically, a thing using their YJ designs rather than their comic ones, if that’s okay. For some reason, that’s the version of them that came to mind.

shit. i forgot for a moment that tumblr is spoiler central.

headcanon accepted thor marvel mcu

Forgot to put this one here. One of my favorite commissions.


Forgot to put this one here. One of my favorite commissions.

reblogging again because otp saren loren: the amazon princess loren the amazon princess ltap

color palettes - pacific rim

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I realized this while rereading “An Offering of Moonlight”, but JEM OWNS A GUARNERI. And it’s referenced so casually!!!!! For any non-musician TID fans, they were one of the top three stringed instrument making families in history. AND THERE’S ONLY ABOUT 400 OF THEIR VIOLINS IN THE WORLD. THEY’RE WORTH LIKE 15 MILLION EACH.

So, Jem’s violin is A LOT more than just the Carstairs family violin. It’s a huge piece of music history! Now I’m picturing some musicology grad student trying to solve the case of the missing Guarneri that was purchased by a Briton and mysteriously disappears…

oooh. this is cool to know.

jem carstairs tid
For Her Sake, Not Yours

Somebody asked for sappy!Jem/Tessa. They got… well… this instead. Oh well.

Takes place post-Clockwork Prince…

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Elenor & Saren from Loren: The Amazon Princess

The game has two character outfit settings that I like to call “stripper” and “slightly less stripper”. These are my redesigns that I hereby dub “even less but still faintly reminiscent of stripper”. :p

Elenor & Saren from Loren: The Amazon Princess

The game has two character outfit settings that I like to call “stripper” and “slightly less stripper”. These are my redesigns that I hereby dub “even less but still faintly reminiscent of stripper”. :p

fanart loren the amazon princess loren: the amazon princess ltap winterwolves saren elenor gidge blog otome please someone talk to me about this game I'm experiencing feels again and fandom is so lacking it hurts
Why is there sobbing about Jem? I mean it’s ok to sob about Jem always and forever but why this specific time?

My buddy Ink only just finished cp2. It’s a difficult time for her. Must offer support.

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i think one my favourite headcanons is of how large tessas bookshelf would be in her personal apartment

I figure that except for maybe the kitchen and the bathroom, every wall is a bookshelf. Like, if there’s a flat wall, that means space for a bookshelf, so a bookshelf goes there. And she fills them up. And in the room that becomes Jem’s study, Tessa takes all her books related to music, and puts them in that room, and Jem has to like, clear a bit of space to put the stuff he acquires. But it all still goes in a bookshelf.

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