bookishdea asked: Hey... 1 or 10, Tim/Cassie? *grins*

  • bodyswap

They try not to make a big deal about it. They calmly tell their teammates what’s up (Tim was down for secrecy, but Cassie wasn’t, so they made a formal announcement.) But they still have to keep up public appearances, so Cassie helps Tim with her body’s makeup. It’s surprisingly soothing. Tim runs Cassie through his exercise regimen. Cassie takes notes for herself later. But she HATES the meds and vitamins.

They have one VERY awkward conversation about dealing with the fact that, yeah, they will have to go to the bathroom, shower, etc, and there will be nakedness and they’re like “Um, I trust you.” “Uh, same. Ack.” “Yup.”

They start getting worried when Zachary does the switch-back spell and it completely fails to do anything. So they have to wait for his cousin to come back from her JLA mission to try.

While Cassie Sandsmark is publicly Wonder Girl and can go off-grid for a while, Tim Drake-Wayne cannot. So Tim has to teach Cassie his media persona. They also freak out Damian, because he is not really accustomed to Drake’s insults coming from the mouth of an attractive female. So they basically have to live together, and grow closer as a result.

  • accidental baby acquisition

1. Gotta say the first thing that still comes to mind is OYL! Tim and Cassie accidentally acquiring a re-cloned!Kon. Either Tim’s cloning succeeds, or he and Cassie actually pool their resources to bring Kon back, but get a baby instead of a teen.

2. Though I can also seen an AU in which they are adults, and Tim has been Red Robin for several years. He’s made Wayne Tech’s stock rise high as anything, and he’s at the top of his game. But he’s lonely. He looks in the mirror and admits to himself that he’s lonely. And he’s terrible at bridging the gaps with his family. He sees them, but old arguments still come up, and Tim realizes that he wants to be loved unconditionally, something he doesn’t even believe in anymore, if he ever did. The only time it seemed real, was when he loved Dick and Bruce like that…. when he was a kid… and that’s how Tim comes around to the idea of adopting.

He tells people he’s thinking about it, though many of his family don’t take him entirely seriously. The Titans, however…

Cassie is leading a mission against an evil married couple, and when the Titans win, the antagonists accidentally die. That’s when she hears a toddler crying… Normally, it would be a bit tragic, but they could just send the kid to social services and be done. But the little girl has superpowers. As the most experienced baby-sitter (and heck, in some ways she babysits the younger Titans every day), Cassie takes temporary care of the tot upon herself. And once she remembers that Tim was looking to adopt, she considers it strongly… it’s true that Tim is trying to maintain a secret identity, and the kid is noticeably strong…. but he could manage, maybe? Right?

It takes a bit of time, but they arrange a meeting in Tim’s Gotham apartment. It’s a nicer reunion than either of them anticipated, since Tim hasn’t been an active Titan in a while. It feels good—really good—to catch up.

The little girl seems to like Tim, and Tim is enchanted by her. With a surprisingly heavy heart, Cassie prepares to say goodbye, takes her farewell hug, and leaves.

But she gets a call from Tim at 3 in the morning. Because the little one had a nightmare and is calling for her, and Tim needs to calm her down, difficult to do, since she just fractured his arm…

The tot is willing to stay with Tim, she just doesn’t want Cassie to LEAVE. As a compromise, Cassie promises to visit a LOT. There’s ultimately only so much difference between play date, and date…

afewnovelideas asked: Hope you have fun with this one: tim/tam "road trip"

I’m torn between 2 rather cracky concepts….

1) Dick tells Bruce that Tim needs a road trip. At first, Bruce is like “?” but Dick goes “It makes you unwind, and eases resentments, and it’s just a good thing. I learned it from the Titans. Pretty sure Tim needs one. But how to make him?” And Bruce is sold at “eases resentments” cause he feels he and Tim haven’t talked in forever. Unfortunately, he goes about it in a very Bruce sort of way and tells Tim “I’m taking away your credit cards. Here’s a gas card instead. And a list of pre-paid hotel suites. And a sensible economical vehicle. Go away.”

And Dick is like WHAT THE HELL???! But Bruce actually knows Tim well enough by now, and Tim is changed enough, that it wasn’t gonna happen by asking nicely. Unfortunately, the Titans are called off-world. Dick is freaking out, when Damian is like “I will deign to help you in this foolish endeavor and suggest female companionship. Even father seems to resort to that when he has a genuine desire to relax.” And Dick is like “You’re ten; you’re not supposed to—-omg. That’s a FABULOUS idea!” and he makes sure Tam’s schedule is clear.

And that is how Tim finds himself awkwardly holding the keys to a comfy Wayne Tech Hybrid, while Tam makes the best of things and hooks up her ipod to the sound system… and they gaze at the long road ahead…

2) Tim and Tam have a crazy day in both the boardroom and the street, when they find themselves at Tam’s room and she pulls out a bottle of wine. Tim’s like “Umm…” And Tam’s like, “We are are not in an American hotel, boss. This is Italy. Nothing illegal happening here. Join me.” And Tim’s like “okay.” and they get a little tipsy, and they talk about things that are “normal” for other people, but sound crazy to them. Legally racing on the Audubon instead of illegally on a Gotham street. Going to Disney Land without incident. Having a cheesy birthday party. Romantically running away together.

They start planning that last one. Jokingly at first, but then in more realistic detail. And then altering the plan to involve less planning and more spontaneity. Tim could cash his credit cards. There’s an old JSA transport two cities away that he could use to secret them away to Madrid. He has his Ducati stashed there. Tam’s got a few internet friends unconnected to Tim’s network who could put them up for a few days. And she knows a little Basque if they wanna hide in a few more obscure places…

It sounds crazier and crazier yet more and more doable, and the mood shifts from drowsy contemplation to energized excitement.

And they go.

Anonymous asked: 9 - tessa and jem :D

"be careful what you wish for…."

Why does this one bring on the cracky concepts?Post-Epilogue Jem wishes he had Will back. His baby first cousin five times removed, aka Emma, turns out to be Will’s reincarnation. Jem has to raise her and she is a hellion.

Edit: I just realized that one wasn’t very Jem/Tessa ish… hmmmm. Emma sometimes asks awkward questions, and Tessa has agreed to handle those that Jem declines to answer. Jem ends up abusing this gift. Tessa calls him out on it. Jem notes that Tessa may demand payback in sexual favors.

kiragecko asked: 5. Tim and Kon (unless you want to write me multiple chapters of number 3 - I think a short snippet will simply cause me pain)

Two ways this could go: 1) the handcuffs are magic. They are both cuffed against their will. I can easily see this as a prank from Mxyzptlk. The boys actually don’t freak out too much at first, because they trust that one of their magic teammates can figure it out and set them free, but it gets trickier the more they have to actually be together constantly throughout the day. Kon is constantly going to the kitchen. It annoys Tim even though he understands his bestie’s metabolism demands it. Tim needs to exercise to stay in shape to save people. Kon only exercises when he IS saving people. They have different taste in music. Different bathroom habits. The real kicker comes when Tim needs to take his antibiotic meds for asplenia. Because he hadn’t gotten around to telling Kon that he was even missing a spleen. And a quick X-ray confirms things…

2) They are normal handcuffs, and it’s Kon’s idea. Kon is convinced that Tim has not been spending enough time with friends having fun, so he will MAKE him spend time with friends by handcuffing him to his best friend. Tim pretends to gripe at first, but c’mon. He’s a BAT. The handcuffs are only remotely effective because he ALLOWS them to be…

her0ngraystairs asked: "pretending to be married/fake dating" with Jem and Tessa ^.^

I would do an AU of CP with Jem, Tessa, and Will spending a longer time at the Starkwheather house.

I squirmed in my seat when I read how Tessa clung to Jem in the room of spoils, and I would have more moments like that. Also, when Will and Tessa are talking, and Will’s like “You called out.” and Tessa’s like, “Not for you.” … I’d like to actually GO somewhere with that. Also, I’d have Aloysius forget that Jem and Tessa are “engaged” rather than married—senile as he is—and constantly leave them alone together or maybe even have his servants assign them to the same room unthinkingly.

matsuohka asked: uhhh. jem/tessa, 11

hmmm…. I’m torn. On the one hand, I could see a truth-or-dare game being set between CP and CP2. Will, Tessa, Jem, Cecily, Gideon, and Sophie have a crazy night on the town because Will and Tessa NEVER pick truth, and the others run out of ideas for dares that can be done inside the institute. J/T moments include Sophie daring Tessa to re-enact Jem’s proposal, and Gideon asking Jem how he plans to deal with the Clave if they deny his request to marry Tessa. Jem replies that he will wed Tessa, that the Clave will merely determine the consequences or lack therof, and he will accept it.

But I can also see a game being set between CA and CP, a smaller round-up of Will, Jem, Tessa, and Jessamine. Because you know Jessamine, once she finally stopped sniffing at the idea of joining the other three for anything, would play dirty and come up with very mean questions and dares.


Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing and I’ll tell you something about the story I’d write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write)

  1. bodyswap
  2. pretending to be married/fake dating
  3. high school/college AU
  4. telepathy
  5. handcuffed together
  6. snowed-in
  7. next-door neighbors AU
  8. secretly a virgin
  9. be careful what you wish for
  10. accidental baby acquisition
  11. truth or dare
  12. sharing a bed
  13. road trip
  14. groundhog’s day/time travel
  15. curtain fic/domestic fic

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what the heck I need outa this writing slumpt hit me meme


anonymous asked: TID or TMI

“I want more than that,” said Will. “You made me want more than that.
You showed me I was only ever cursed because I had chosen to believe myself so. You told me there was possibility, meaning. And now you would turn your back on what you created.”

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Don’t mess with the man-hunter, Kyosuke. XD

the friendship between these 2 never fails to entertain kor otome

Amnesia images I think it was my first reverse-harem which it ended perfectly


Amnesia images I think it was my first reverse-harem which it ended perfectly

amnesia anime


This anime is literally beautiful but I’m so confused

Are you familiar with the movie Groundhog’s Day? Amnesia is a bit like that, with the heroine repeating her experiences, except that her day that she re-experiences involves different scenarios/relationships. It’s SUPPOSED to be mysterious. Trust your memory. Trust the heroines memory (of what she’s seen so far). Things really are off/different, so just sit back and enjoy the ride. :)


get to know me meme: [5/5] movies - warm bodies

There’s a lot of ways to get to know a person. Eating her dead boyfriend’s brains is one of the more unorthodox methods, but…

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warm bodies zombies


I really just wanted to whip out embarrasing outfits nvmnd me
Insert teenage-/modern-/shonen-/whicheverAU here ssigh

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200 pages into Clockwork Prince and Jem still has no idea about Tessa and Will


jem had been practically doing all of that time’s versions of flirting with tessa too but will never noticed until tessa made him aware. i keep wondering why they never noticed…

The second one, why Will hasn’t noticed Jem flirting with Tessa is the REAL mystery. There IS NO Will and Tessa being together in the first 200 pages of Clockwork Prince. There’s Will moping from a distance, and Tessa ignoring his antics and trying to move on. There’s nothing to notice there.

Meanwhile, on the Jem/Tessa front, we’ve got romantic outings, victorian flirting, Tessa asking if Jem can train her instead of Gabriel (even though Jem has to shoot the idea down), oddly convincing undercover engagement, and doey eyes so apparent that even Sophie—a very “mind your own business” sort—noticed in spades.

Basically, the only reason Will didn’t notice was because he was self-centered AND preoccupied.

don't get me wrong I like Will but he lives in his own little world and this was kinda proof tid will herondale tessa gray jem carstairs

The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa


The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

the immortal rules blood of Eden ya lit allison sekemoto
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