• Bf: would you help me hide a body?
  • Bf's cousin: sure. Where is it?
  • Bf: well I don't have one to hide NOW.
  • Bf's cousin: hey, either you have a dead body to hide or you don't.
  • Me: it's Schroedinger's body.
  • All: ...
  • Bf: *riotous laughter*
  • Bf's cousin: this is why you date her, isn't it?
rl about moi I earn my cuddles with well timed puns


Seems accurate to me!

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yes an effective summary of this relationship but with a slightly more naive Dick robins


so i’m going back to re-read what i’ve written of compulsory butterflies, and i saw “root of the tongue” in my FFnet profile, and i was like “the title is familiar but i don’t even remember what that’s about.” so i clicked on it to read it and then i was like, “shit, i don’t even remember where…


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this is a test. Because tumblr seems to be eating everything I cut/past and it’s highly obnoxious.


✗  Gidge’s Big List of Breakup Songs
For Cr1mson. And any other souls in need…
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✗  Gidge’s Big List of Breakup Songs

For Cr1mson. And any other souls in need…

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music I haven't been on tumblr more than a few minutes at a time this week but there's some folks on my dash whom I believe could use this


jem’s throat going dry when he sees tessa’s bedroom

tessa knocking over the milk bottle from being so nervous

tessa nearly dropping the teacups when she looks at jem’s eyes

jem barely being able to stop himself from pushing tessa up against the bookcase and kissing her until neither of them can…

And don’t forget that Jem’s mouth tasting of toothpaste means he made a point of brushing his teeth before going to see Tessa.

cutie patooties jem x tessa
i laughed so hard yes gotham bruce wayne jim gordon

margaritaf-deactivated20140926 said: Why didn't Jem and Will go to the Academy? They didn't want to or they weren't allowed to? I'm feeling guilty as hell for bombarding you with questions but I just have to know! I'm sorry!



One usually goes to the Academy at about twelve. It’s assumed that one has been tutored at home up until that point in Shadowhunter basics.

At twelve, Will was the raggedy desperate boy who’d showed up at the door of the Institute and said he had nowhere else to go. Charlotte wasn’t going to pack him off to the Academy. Especially since he lacked the basics of knowing anything about Shadowhunters. He would have been chewed up and tortured. Charlotte didn’t know the specifics of Will’s problem, but she certainly knew enough to know he would have an awful time.

At twelve, Jem was poisoned and dying. The Academy simply would have not have wasted the resources training someone who wouldn’t survive to use the training.

The Clave are not nice people. Their school is not necessarily a nice place. :)

well, damn.

hmm definite food for thought tid



imagine jem taking selfies with church and sending them to isabelle

isabelle squinting her eyes and mumbling “that hot bastard”

And Alec would totally try to peak at all of them but pretend to be casually disinterested.

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headcanon tmi tid


imagine your otp meeting each other for the first time, at night, in the woods, while both trying to dispose of their freshly killed corpses

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but neither of them are the murderer. bc Jem is burying somebody Will killed and Tessa is burying someone Nate killed Jem's task is worth it but Tessa finds out she did all that dirty work for her brother for NOTHING and Jem knows how terrifying it is so he's got nothing but sypathy feelings shipping fandom meme

What will they become?

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frick yeah aos


TEEN WOLF AU » The Mortal Instruments (Part 1) requested by henrybufordbranwell

"Our story starts with four teenagers; Lydia Fairchild, Scott Herondale, Allison Carstairs, and Stiles Blackthorn. Lydia, having roots in both London and New York, travels between the two often. Easily distinguishable by her red hair and green eyes, she is not often mistaken as being from a different Shadowhunter family. Scott is not your typical Shadowhunter, usually being the one who attends to victims rather than fight, but he is fiercely protective. The Carstairs, being particularly close to the Herondales, are often found together. Allison and Scott have been friends since birth, frequently mistaken for Parabatai. Stiles however, is Scott’s Parabatai. Despite the Lightwoods running the New York Institute, many Shadowhunter families reside there, or in nearby apartments. Stiles and Scott have trained together with Allison for years, and were instantly inseparable. Lydia, being towed around the world most of her time, trains with them as much as possibly when her family stays with at the Institute, but ultimately is self-taught."

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oooh yes! I am down with this interpretation! au tmi tid teen wolf crossover


Modern book you think William Herondale most needs to read.

Question Mark?

Percy Jackson. Because he defended Lewis Carol to Tessa, so we know he would gladly pick up something ridiculous and epic that some would dismiss as children’s literature. Also LotR and The Old Man and the Sea.

Will likes things with adventure, drama, and a bit of scandal. So I can see him happily snatching things off the NY Times list at the front of the bookstore or library until he has a bad experience like 50 shades of gray or something, and maybe heads for fiction and tries blindfolding himself and picking books at random. He’d get very frustrated with books that make too many references to things he doesn’t know like Ready Player One or Fangirl.

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Fic bunny never-to-be-written

Jem and Will learn of each others feelings for Tessa from the get-go, and step so far back that the object of their desire ends up feeling about as desirable as demon pox.

Enter Gabriel Lightwood’s time to shine. After all, Tessa did call him “Not hideous”. And so a bond over unworthy family members and the awesomeness of Charlotte Branwell ensues. An alternate timeline of alternate love.

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mairasrelicario said: hey gidge. i read herongraystairs's post about willxjem fics and how some of them portrait their feelings for tessa and etc, and now i'm curious: you wrote that you're not into slash, but i wanted to know how exactly do you see/picture(idk what's the best word for it) will and jem's relationship? :)



Cassandra Clare mentions this in some of her replies about Will and Jem, but still not too many people are familiar with the concept of a Victorian Romantic Friendship. But I’m actually really struck by the idea.

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I’m ok now. 

I’m going to bury my so many feelings about this under the cut

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